Saturday, November 8

here's the full stop folks

I am moving full time to starting this month. There will be no more updates here.

I loved this place, but I decided that it was time for me to move on with proper host and domain name. This blog will still be kept alive as a monument to my life from 2007 - 2008. A huge thanks to everyone that supported this place, wouldn't have been meaningful without all of you. Love and peace.

Sunday, October 19

last two weeks here

I talk about the latest Macbooks and Macbook Pros "5 Things You'll Lose With The New Macs" and had a graduation photoshoot recently for a close friend, read "Graduations".

I am still in the process of transitioning over to my new blog at, so please bear with any extreme changes you've been seeing over there. I am highly skilled in the art of being fickle, so please just hang in there as I sort things out. Expect another 2 weeks before I completely move on the new site. Meanwhile, you can always follow me on Twitter, contact me on facebook, or just visit Don't forget to change those bookmarks / blog rolls!

Tuesday, October 7

winner of guessing game announced

Remember this?

The winner is announced at and there's also a tiny thing about a gift. Check it out.

Thursday, October 2

from Phuket [update]

Hey everyone, my trip is almost over and it's been great so far. Can't write much right now, but just that it's been refreshing and that I've done a whole lot of stuff that I think many of you will not be able to imagine me doing. But enough talk, see the pictures for yourself. I'll be back with a more detailed post later, I've got lots to say about Thailand. Kap Kun Kap!

Saturday, September 27

moving out message

Will be trying out something new during my Poo-Cat trip and no, it's not their women or wo-man.

I'll be Live Blogging throughout my Thailand trip at starting Monday!

Honestly, it's only about 60% ready, but I decided to just go ahead and push it out the door.

Blogspot ----> Hosted
I won't be transferring over my blogspot posts. 2 reasons: I want to start with a clean slate and I want to keep blogspot around, kinda like an online archive of 2007/2008.

For my new blog, I promise you never before seen and unreleased posts, pictures and stories! And of course some new ideas that I have been putting off until was ready.

14,000 hits later, I would like to thank everyone who bothered. I don't think it would've even been half as fun if I didn't have you guys around. See you at soon!

Friday, September 26


I'll be at Phuket for 5 days next week for holidays. Leaving on early Monday morning. And yes, in the middle of my short semester. What that means is that I'll be working on assignments internationally, on some beach in Phuket, with girls in bikinis walking by and white guys (which a friend loves) effortlessly making me feel like a dwarf.

I am looking forward to a couple of things over there:
1. Unlimited food, massages and other holiday-ish things at Club Med
2. REAL Thai ladyboys
3. Beautiful beaches and islands (which I think I would be visiting a few)
4. REAL Thai food, not like the pirated versions we have here in KL
5. Buying those cheap, nicely designed Thai printed T-Shirts that are so overpriced here (Curve comes to mind)

Anything else I should look out for at Phuket (food, places, beaches, activities)?

Wednesday, September 24

making friends in college

Girl L : Hey, you're from PJ right?
Me : Huh? Why you say that?
Girl L : 'cause you look spoilt
Me : ...

Girl R : You look like Peter Pan la...
Me : *Phew* (how the hell I went from Harry Potter to Peter Pan I will never know)

Girl R : Hey what is about ahh?? What is that? Porn site ah?
Girl G : Ha?! He blogs ah? (laughs)
Me : ...

Girl C : You look terrible in that hair style.
Me : I'm just trying to go for a more natural look that's all
Girl C : Yeah, but it's still terrible.

It's tough I know, but Sherve's Galdiator boots are tougher. And it's only been 3 weeks?

Monday, September 22

dinner with teresa kok

I had the privilege to attend Assemblies of God's "EduCare & WidowCare" Charity Event tonight thanks to my church. I applaud the effort made by AG to want to raise funds to provide for the children of full time workers and widows of pastors. The goal is to raise 1 million by year end. I wish them the best and will be supporting. The event had a nice "dum dum dum" twist to it.

There was a very special guest at the dinner - YB Teresa Kok!

YB Teresa Kok

Apparetly she had already been booked for this event months ago, so her release from ISA was quite 'perfect'. She spoke on her arrest, shedding light on the reasons (or rather the lack of reason) why, her experiences during the 8 days and her future plans post-ISA.

A couple of points from her speech:

She reiterated that her arrest was made on false allegations (I don't think I need to explain here, it's reported everywhere)

When the police got to her, they didn't even allow her to inform her family, saying "Mereka akan tahu bila buka suratkhabar esok" (they'll know when they read the papers tomorrow)

She was in solitary confinement.

She was peaceful and able to sleep "better than at home" during the whole duration, crediting God and the people who kept her in prayer.

She believes that her detention served a bigger, higher purpose and thanks God for it - to bring worldwide attention to the gross misuse of power and violation of human rights this government is so well known for.

After her experience, she is convicted to pursue the abolishment of the ISA and the release of the 60+ detainees.

She called for an end to racial and religious extremism.

She personally wants to take this opportunity to show to the Malays that she is and has always been a friend and not an enemy, encouraging us to do the same.

YB Teresa Kok

Personally, I'm inspired looking at this woman speak about her experiences and beliefs in such a manner. This Christian politican speaking about her experience in such a positive way is just so encouraging.

I can feel the injustice done to her. It was clearly and obnoxiously wrong. It's times like this that make you want to do something, anything, to right the wrong, to fight for your country's future.


Alright people, this ends my very political week of posts. I had an epiphany and it was politics. So please excuse me. Thanks for drudging through =)

Saturday, September 20

real story of may thirteen

Please, do this for yourself if not for the country.

Read what REALLY happened on the infamous May 13 and see for yourself what kind of government is in power today. Even if you're not into politics, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge. We need to stop the spread of misinformation and ignorance. See that it's not any race that you should be hating, but it's a party. They are keeping us from being a true multiracial nation.

The REAL Story of May 13 (Part 1)
The REAL Story of May 13 (Part 2)

p.s. Today, Theresa Kok is finally released from ISA after a meaningless detention. Read her statement here.

Thursday, September 18

adidas women fall/winter collection pt2

Continuing from my previous post on the Adidas event, I would like to show you some women...

Ninie, celebrity yoga instructor. Why celebrity? Because she's really celebrity like la. What else. Met her a couple times, but I don't think she remembers me, haha...

She mentioned that she was nervous before the event in her blog, but I think she handled the large crowd just fine. Even I felt like doing yoga looking at them. "Hold the imaginary ball... move your hands slowly up and down..."

That Girl
Cynthia, the girl I never really met. But did later on Facebook. Found out that we have a lot of mutual friends. Long Bean Thong was one of them.

Lavin with the stars
Lavin dancing, and that's Jien (with his face all covered up by Deborah). He has an accent now.

Sazzy Fallak

Daphne Iking
Daphne Iking. Grrr

The REAL Women at the event
And finally... I think the REAL women at the event should have their 15 mins of fame too! There were women in their 20's all the way to their 40's working out together that night. Confirm they're more healthier than most of us men out there. Argh.

Ok, that's it for the Adidas event. I think there'll be a mens collection event coming up.

Just a quick update on my side. I'm currently writing 2 short films and planning to shoot another music video soon (in the next few weeks). On top of that I'm also freelancing with ChristienLavin, so can't divulge any projects here, sorry. And yeah, I still have my degree to finish.

Monday, September 15

banana leaf with photographic beetle boy

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Banana Leaf at my favorite place

Went out for drinks with Matt the other day. Of course he had to bring his new wife out, and by wife I mean his black, big, shiny, Nikon D300. His dream camera that he slugged to save for. Finally he got it after 2 years. It's not easy bein' a photographer baby.

By the way, if you're in my area (or can travel to my area), this is the mamak that I'll choose. It's not 100% great. But comparing to the flying roaches of  Spicy Kitchen to the dirty-utensils-but-amazing-teh-o-ais-limau Barkath or even the suicidal waiters of Old Kanna, I think this place is the best.

Playing with the Nikon D300, it felt very nice in the hands compare to my 400D. Bigger = Better grip. But the most noticeable thing about it has got to be the live view screen. With this feature in almost all DSLRs in that range, blindshots will be a thing of a past! Something which I do quite often especially during events. The only thing that keeps me away from Nikons are the controls. Canons somehow just feel more natural to me. But that's strictly subjective.

Friday, September 12

adidas women fall/winter collection

It was quite the star studded event that I wasn't really prepared for (Christien called me last minute). And it was quite a big deal among the female blogging community. But Adidas really pulled one hell of an event out of that 3 striped hat.

Speaking about bloggers, that girl Cynthia was there, which happens to be friends with a lot of people I know and is VERY happening (I wanted to say hi, but had to leave early, so if you're reading this...) and Janet, a talented, bilingual, opera jazz singer which had a very interesting back and forth with Christien when they met

Sadly, I was having a really frustrating time taking pictures, which is what I was there for. I tried and tried, but just couldn't get the right settings for my paltry rig (400D + 580EXII + kit and 50mm). So most of my shots came out like total noobishness. On to the craptures!

Adidas Women Fall/Winter 2008
Event was at Gardens Hotel Ballroom, grand looking place. Missed the buffett line. Christien and I had Kim Gary instead

Adidas Women Fall/Winter 2008
The invited bloggers got to do yoga with the celebs. During the yoga, the organizers actually had to tell the photographers from the Malay media to move to another section of the room because they kept gatal wanting to shoot the celebs clevage. You know they need to meet a quota of censorable boob valleys every week right?

Adidas Women Fall/Winter 2008
Celebs at the event. Daphne Iking just keep getting more and more in shape (read: beautiful) everytime I see her (since her pregnancy last year). There's women, and then there's Daphne Iking.

Adidas Women Fall/Winter 2008
Smashpop found me. He was having dinner at MidValley. Recently, we keep bumping into each other around KL because we Tweet. Just follow my tweets and we too will be doing the same in no time.

Adidas Women Fall/Winter 2008
Deborah Priya Henry, Miss Malaysia 2007. The only good shot during the catwalk. Sigh.